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"Really beautiful music."

-  Patti Vasquez, WGN Radio

"Rebecca is a wonderful singer songwriter.  Her finger style guitar work is entrancing."

Jenny Bienemann, author of "Haiku Milieu"

"...more than just a singer-songwriter"

-  Britt Julius, Chicago Tribune

"Rebecca Jasso has a voice that fits so naturally with the classic voices of American folk music--timeless, free, and curiously familiar."

-  Tariq Shihadah, Local Glow

Chicago native Rebecca Jasso is a singer/songwriter who playfully writes around the themes of love, loneliness, and fantasy, skillfully weaving her melodies into the harmonic fabric of her fingerstyle guitar playing.

Music has had a strong hold over Rebecca since childhood. At age 10, she took up the guitar, and since the very beginning, sought to write good songs. Despite learning at this young age, it wasn't till after college that she worked up the confidence to take her music to the stage. For years she oscillated between playing solo and in bands, with each wave bringing her closer to chiseling out a style that would be her very own.

A visual artist, Rebecca conjures images with her lyrics to insert you into pictures from her own imagination. From soft, autumnal landscapes, to dark, Narnian scenes, each song is a journey into a new story. Her honest voice and beautiful songs will absolutely charm you.


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