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Lost and Wandering

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Silent I stand and you ask me what is wrong If I open my soul, what price do I pay To let you unzip the cover of my heart

And enter into my darkest place

Cold and narrow you will find it Because I'm lost and wandering

That must be the key to every living thing A puff of spirit trapped in the shell of our bodies

When I turn out the lights at night I completely disappear For a sight unseen is the color of my dreams

So how can I tell you what's inside me

When I'm lost and wandering

You be the shade I duck under

You be the shield that saves me from distress

You be the calm that cures my rage

And the harness that contains all this mess

And when you see that my heart is on fire

You put it out and you teach me to reason But when I'm stuck in the corner dying

Will you be the one to stop my bleeding?

I'll unlock the front door and let you walk inside

Look around for a spell, wonder what you might find

Put your finger on the switch but beware of what you'll see

When these walls come to life is that the heart of me?

But I won't be there to give you the tour

When I'm lost and wandering

Oh I'm lost and wandering

These are the lyrics to a song I wrote several months ago. I wanted to begin writing on more universal themes, like love and stuff, as opposed to the fairy tale concepts I had been exploring for a while up till then. I started drawing a mind map, with love in the center, and little branches coming out of different aspects of love, good and bad. And then I came to this idea of vulnerability, and I decided that I wanted to write a song on vulnerability. Lost and Wandering is what came out of that exercise. It's the unraveling of a mind when someone asks of you the question, "What's wrong?" It's such a loaded question.

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