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Playing shows with amazing people

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

In May of 2016, I put a show together with two amazing people that I had never played with but really wanted to: Robin Bienemann and Rachel Drew. The date happened to fall on Friday the 13th, and Robin had the excellent idea of dubbing it a Bad Luck Show, and challenged us each to write a song about Bad Luck. It was a very fun show at a weird little place that no one quite knows how to describe, as it is not a traditional venue.

In December, Robin and Rachel approached me with the idea of us doing the show again next time Friday the 13th falls around, which happened to be this past Friday, October 13th.

Both times we got together once beforehand in order to play through our sets so that we could accompany one another.

Anyway, the show came and went, but even now, 2 days later, I am at a loss for words at how special it is to perform with these two beautiful people. 

Rachel Drew ( is known all over Chicago, perhaps even beyond, for her pipes. You know what I mean. She is an amazing vocalist. A soul-jazz is what I hear coming out of her mouth, and of course, that would mean she can also do a mean blues. So yeah, singing is what she's known for. Yet, her songwriting is so unique and beautiful that I can't help but melt a little when I listen to her songs. She makes great melodies over her chord progressions, and I am always so impressed with her each time I see her play.

Robin Bienemann ( is perhaps my favorite lyricist. His wit is unmatched, and each song is so clever that I always want to share his music with others. He knows that I absolutely love the song Vampires are not Zombies, and I highly recommend that if you are reading this, you step away to listen to it. But his guitar playing! Oh my. It is so deliciously satisfying to hear Robin perform. He is such an accomplished guitar player and songwriter, that I was happy that Rachel had to go after him in the round and not I, because he is truly a hard act to follow.

These two, they are amazing. But they're also just great people. They just have a lot of love in them. They make you feel so good to be around them. You are blessed if you know them, and you would blessed if you went and saw them play some time.

If I Were Superstitious

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