Single Release of Lost and Wandering

I've never released a single before, but I'm getting ready to! I didn't ever imagine this song would end up like this. Maybe you were there, maybe you were on Facebook when I joined Sarah at her house for a Facebook live session, one of maybe 2 or 3 that we did together. She's such a great musician and accompanist that she joined me for the first time on my song Lost and Wandering. I think we might have sat there and then and figured out what the heck chords I was playing (I never keep track, I just play, so when I have to write them down it's quite a chore).

About 6 minutes in, Sarah adds this great piano part to a tune I thought I'd be playing alone to the grave.  A little time later, I decided to enter this song into a songwriting contest (never heard back, I'm assuming I didn't win...) and I asked Sarah to record a piano track over my guitar track so I could enter it with the two parts. It was such a great combo, her piano over my guitar. I thought it would be neat to really go for the full production. What else could I add to this song about being trapped in my head and afraid to let anyone else in? I added some simulated percussion and asked my friend Shawn Baldissero if he could add some udu drum. An udu is a ceramic drum with a hole in it. It comes in lots of shapes and sizes, but has sort of a tabla sound to it, despite being made of clay.  Before long, Shawn had taken possession of Lost and Wandering, and he was putting his mark on it. He added some amazing electric guitar, worked a bit more on the percussion, and finally sprinkled some other dark magic atop to create the lush blanket of texture that you'll soon hear in Lost and Wandering.  I'm very excited for the release, and I hope you'll join me!

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